I had some strawberries at home this weekend and wanted to make some sort of turnover or danish, but I didn’t have the ingredients for the typical cream cheese base. I decided it didn’t really matter, who’s going to judge?

That being said, this isn’t the most fancy dessert but it does look impressive with barely any work.


Take about one cup of sliced strawberries, add a quarter cup of orange juice (sounds random, I know, but it softens the strawberries a little bit), and add some sugar (a couple tablespoons if your strawberries are already sweet and more if they aren’t). Keep this in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.

I used store bought puff pastry dough for this (again, who’s judging?). You could make it yourself too but it’s quite the process. I decided to do this by looking at some pretty cool Pinterest posts. Just cut strips in the dough, leaving space for the strawberry filling. Add the strawberries, and cross the dough strips over.


Brush with some egg wash (an egg with a little water), and bake at 375°F for about 22 minutes.

Cut up and serve. Yes, these pieces are pretty big. Good for a Friday night lying on the couch and watching movies (not typical at all…).





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