Happy Diwali!

Diwali was last week, at this point most of you must know that Diwali is the Festival of Lights, which celebrates the triumph of good over evil.


Image from http://www.gheehappy.com/

I may know how to bake the most delicious cakes in the world (fake it ‘til you make it, right?), but making jilebis or ladoos gives me nightmares. So, since Diwali is my favourite festival, I thought I would show you my most favourite cake to date: Pink Ombre Rose Velvet Cake.


Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of the inside (people just pounced and ate it up so quickly!), but you’re just going to have to trust me when I say that the layers looked just like the inspiration pic below!


Photo from: http://www.glorioustreats.com/2011/08/pink-ombre-swirl-cake.html

This cake is beautiful! A four layer white velvet cake was tinted pink and then frosted with roses made of our favourite fluffy vanilla buttercream.


I used Rose Levy Berenbaum’s White Velvet cake, and this was the perfect vanilla cake. If you’re looking for a classic white cake, this is the recipe for you! I mixed up the batter, and split it into four equal portions. I left the first portion white, and tinted the next three with Wilton Pink Gel Icing colour, in gradually darker shades. I then baked each of the layers in an 8” round pan, at 350 for 15-18 minutes.

After I whipped up the frosting (I made about 2 times the recipe listed below), I split it into four portions, with one of them having slightly more than the other three. The first portion was left white and the other three were also tinted gradually, to give the “Ombre” effect.

To assemble the cake, place the darkest cake layer on a cake plate, spread white frosting on the surface of the cake, and place on the next coloured cake layer. Repeat this process until all the cake layers are assembled, with the lightest layer on top. Then spread on the remaining white frosting very thinly to make the crumb coat. Use a 1M tip and pipe roses on the darkest frosting along the bottom of the cake. Repeat this with the remaining shades, and for the top face of the cake, make little blossoms just by dotting on the lightest colour frosting with the 1M tip.

Here’s a YouTube vid, on how to make the roses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3DYBho02fI

Ta da! Now you have a super glamorous cake!


Happy belated Diwali everyone!!!!


Thanks to V and M for the awesome photos!


White Velvet Cake:


4 ½ Egg whites

1 cup milk

2 ¼ tsp Pure vanilla extract

3 cups cake flour

1 ½ cup sugar

1 tbsp + 1 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

12 tbsp unsalted butter

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Prepare your pans by applying butter to the inner surface, linking with parchment paper, and then buttering the parchment, and flouring the entire inner surface.

2. In medium bowl, combine egg whites, ¼ cup milk, vanilla.

3. In large bowl, combine all dry ingredients, and then add butter and remaining ¾ cup milk. Mix on low speed, until moist. Increase to medium speed, and beat for one minute.

4. Add egg mixture in three batches, beat for 20 seconds after each egg addition.

5. Pour batter into prepared pans, and tap the pan hard against the counter to remove any air bubbles. Bake for 15-18 minutes. Allow to cool before frosting.

Classic Vanilla Buttercream Frosting from Bakers Royale

5 large egg whites

1 ½ cup sugar

4 sticks unsalted butter, diced and softened

¼ teaspoon salt

1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract

1) Combine egg whites and sugar in a bowl placed over simmering water. Bring mixture to 150 degrees F while whisking constantly.

2) Transfer mixture to stand mixer bowl, fitted with a whisk attachment and beat on medium speed until mixture cools and doubles in volume.
3) Add butter one piece at a time, mixing to incorporate after each addition. Add salt and vanilla and mix to combine.   The frosting may appear to look separated, keep mixing and and it will come together (this commonly happens when making Swiss Meringue Buttercream.)


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