Summer Popsicles

You know those home popsicle molds that are most likely meant for children? I had wanted one for quite a while, I even tried making one myself but that ended…messily. When I finally bought one I was pretty excited and ready to try all these recipes. The first ones I tried were simple and successful, plain strawberry and a strawberry banana hybrid. Next I made these awful avocado things which completely destroyed my desire to make delicious popsicles and that was the end of that phase. However, my initial attempt was successful so here it is…Image-1

I really wanted to make a multicolored popsicle so I started off with a plain strawberry base. I blended strawberries, sugar, and some lemon juice until it was smooth. I froze a couple just like that and they were lovely. To my surprise, they weren’t like those store-bought popsicles where you suck out all the flavour at once and all you’re left with is essentially bland ice.

To get the second color, I decided to go with banana. I mashed some banana with Greek yoghurt (this would have been a little tastier with some added sugar, but taste it and then decide). Because of the weights, I put the banana on the bottom and topped it with the strawberry layer. I decided three layers would be slightly excessive.Image

That’s all, a simple summer treat that can be as healthy or unhealthy as you desire!

– S

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